Coding: The "Reading" of the 21st Century

In history, it has always been known that reading and writing was the key to success. Societies that didn't stress reading and writing often didn't succeed. That mindset is now transitioning over to computer sciences and coding.

Coding and Computer Programming is slowly becoming the most vital skill needed to succeed this day in age. It is literally all around us. Coding is how you are able to read this right now. Coding is what makes your phone applications work. Coding powers the digital world we live in. Coders and programmers are literally new age architects and builders.


Coming into college, I thought that coding was something that only computer science majors needed. But today, Coding is essential in almost every industry. And being at least a novice can help you A LOT! It is estimated that in 10 Years there will be over 1.4 million Jobs in computer sciences, but only 400,000 graduates qualified for them. Unfortunately, right now only 20 states require computer science as a graduation requirement in math or science. Computer Science was one of the least taken AP courses taken by high school students last year, behind European History (C'mon 'Merica). In fact, a lot of high school kids are unaware of what coding and even programming is. 

So I know what you're thinking, "I'm not in high school, I don't need to learn code." Well here are just a couple reasons you should learn how to code:

  • Teaches you how to problem solve
  • Every industry uses software that requires code
  • Sharpens ability to troubleshoot
  • It makes everyday life easier
  • Become more competitive in the work field
  • Essential for start-ups and entrepreneurial endeavors

Now I'm not saying you need to become a full blown computer programmer, hacking you life away. But learning the basics of some easy, simple, widely used coding languages would help you a lot. For example, Python, JavaScript, Excel, HTML, etc...these are all used everyday for a lot of companies.

Fortunately for you, it is now easier than ever to learn how to code!

1. YouTube

YouTube has a videos for everything -- literally everything -- including educational videos for any subject you can dream of. Just search which ever language you need and you're on your way! (Channels like Khan Academy are trusted sources where you know you are receiving quality information)

2. Codecademy

The FREE website offers interactive learning modules for JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS, PHP and Ruby on Rails. They allow you to learn by doing your own projects and chart your progress for you. They even have a Cell Phone application that allows you to learn on your phone through games. Oh, and it's FREE!


Sponsored by Silicon Valley tech-heavyweights like Google, Facebook, and Apple, this website has several beginners tutorials to programming and coding in general.

4. BitFountain

This service has taught over 100,000 people how to code programs for iOS and Android applications. If you want to build apps for mobile devices, they offer an online experience that costs a fraction of the $7000-$1000 it costs to attend offline 3-month intensive coding boot-camps.

So there you have it. Go out there and get your nerd on and learn how to code!

- @juicepvpi