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MUT Coin Making Package

Want to increase your coin stack?

Tired of spending money on packs?

Looking For The Best Sniping Filters & investments?

Whatever You Need, We Have You Covered.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and start taking advantage of the most advanced MUT coin making strategies on the market. 

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What is The Scheme Team™ Coin Making Package?

The Scheme Team™ coin making package is well tested, constant, and extremely profitable automated algorithm. Over years of beta testing, The Scheme Team™ model has been developed by our team of experienced market analysts. We track every detail of the MUT Market and because of this, our models can pinpoint the most profitable investments at the most profitable times. This is how we provide consistent, profitable investment opportunities & Sniping Filters.

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One Membership,
Whole Year of  Methods   Included.

Our package stretches over the course of the entire current madden year.

The Scheme Team   Doesn't Grind To Make Money, We Invest

With smart investments, your coin making potential will go through the roof. We make 7 figure MUT accounts every single year, and have already done it in Madden 20 as the market is extremely exploitable this year in particular.

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Say Goodbye To Boring Solos, And Wasting Your Hard Earned Money On Packs.

No more playing boring solo challenges for hours with minimal rewards, or buying packs with non guaranteed results. Don't risk your hard earned money to make coins, use your money to guarantee yourself coins. 

Verified Results

Our investments & methods are documented and proven - We never hide any results, ever. 

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What Customers Are Saying About Us

Peter Cutlip



Im now MUT rich baby 







Bought the limited guide and it was great, but now I want the full one and will have to pay for both. Still worth it lol


Robert Coffey



Made over 2 mil already 👍




Zack Kassel



Never knew about all these methods in madden, really good stuff

Package  Details

  • All Of Our Investments

  • Written explanations for our investments

  • Weekly market analysis

  • Charts & Graphs displaying investment information

  • 1/2 of our advanced  Sniping Filters

  • Extra Tips & Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Get Started?

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