Era's Collide Patriots Offensive Guide

Era's Collide Patriots Offensive Guide

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Are you tired of losing in madden, or just want to take your game to the next level? Well now you can. Whether you play online head to head, connected franchise, or Madden Ultimate Team, Our Madden Air Raid offensive ebook will make you a pro. You are only clicks away from never getting stopped again.  


  • Instant Digital Download & Printable
  • Advanced, and Basic-Intermediate Versions included
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Based Out Of The Cardinals Playbook, & an additional Custom Playbook fwith added plays is available for online head to head, franchise, and exhibition gameplay
  • Over 100 plays
  • Based Off Real Football Concepts & Air Raid Principles
  • Man Beaters, Zone beaters, Goaline Scheme, Redzone Scheme, & One Play Touchdowns All Included
  • Ideal player types for each position to fit the scheme
  • Best mut cards for each position to fit our scheme
  • Video Play Examples & Gameplays Using The Scheme
  • Used by multiple top 100 ranked xbox players in Madden 20, and will once again show it's prowess in Madden 21


The scheme has been refined and simplified for Madden 21, making it even more efficient and effective in this years game. If your ready to never be stopped again, than Our Madden Air Raid Offensive Guide is perfect for you. 

  • Scheme Description

    A balanced pro-style offense with an added QB run aspect bringing together traditional and modern offensive concepts ran by the New England Patriots.


Based on 139  Reviews

Take Your Game To The Next Level

Countless Hours In The Lab + Years Of Development Combining To Create Top Performing eBooks

Usable    By Beginners And  Advanced  Players

Our guides are broken into sections detailing the basic setups for beginner level players, and advanced setups for experienced players.

Detailed  Breakdowns

​Each guide comes with an easy to navigate tab system that expands into a comprehensive breakdown of the setup that we are going over. You will learn the setups from start to finish to give you a full understanding of the material.

Real Football Concepts

The concepts in our guides are based off of real football concepts. These concepts are then tested thoroughly against high level competitive players. This is to ensure that the content works at even the highest level of play. 

Updates   Throughout   The Year

Video   Examples


Each guide will come with season long updates. Anytime we find something new or alter the way we run something that is in your guide, you will receive the updated material at no additional cost. No more extra charges!

Inside the guides you will find not only written setups, but also high definition video tutorials for each individual setup. This coupled with our easy to use tab system makes it easy to find what you want on the fly.

Gameplays using the scheme are always included in our guides. This gives the customer a great example of what the scheme should look like at the highest level. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 Reviews From Former Customers


Sick scheme



Great guides 👍


Wade Nerouter

10-0 with the offensive scheme...



That gun open flex is unstoppable man 💪



Best ebook hands down 



I absolutely love the defensive scheme. Took me some time to master but now my d is crazy



Guides were fire last year and there even better this year 👌



The Hoodie d goes hard!


Nick P

New offensive guide is crazy 🔥





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