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Raiders Offensive Scheme

Raiders Offensive Scheme

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Are you tired of losing in madden, or just want to take your game to the next level? Well now you can. Whether you play online head to head, connected franchise, or Madden Ultimate Team, Our Raiders offensive ebook will make you a pro. You are only clicks away from never getting stopped again.  


  • Instant Digital Download & Printable
  • Works on Next-Gen & Current-Gen consoles
  • Usable for advanced and novice players
  • Based Out Of The Raiders Playbook
  • Based Off Real Football Concepts & Modern Day NFL Passing Schemes
  • Man Beaters, Zone beaters, Goaline Scheme, Redzone Scheme, & One Play Touchdowns All Included
  • Ideal Player Types For Each Position To Best Fit The Scheme
  • Best Mut Cards For Each Position To Fit The Scheme
  • Video Play Examples & Gameplays Using The Scheme


The scheme has been a year in the making as it started to get developed in madden 21, and is finally ready. If your ready to never be stopped again, than Our Raiders Madden 22 Offensive Guide is perfect for you. 




A pass heavy offense using similar plays and formnations but with many variations that will keep your opponent guessing all game.

    Take Your Game To The Next Level